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ISBN #978-1-60659-242-7
September 2010
Mundania Press
221 Pages
Historical Fiction/Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Laura was a single mother; widowed with a young daughter. She married to improve her daughter's life, but that was a terrible mistake. She is no one's doormat, but her husband is not exactly sane.

Jaydene is a pediatric nurse and a supervisor. This is unusual for a black woman of her time. She is married with two children, the intelligent and driven Marc, and the dreamy and psychic Glorious.

The late 60's in the South were tumultuous, and Overton was typical. The town was segregated, but reformers were trying to change things. These changes were not always in the best interest of everyone, or for the right reasons. In Overton, Stan Gilmer's misguided and insane worship of Dr. King resulted in consequences that no one imagined; the death of one girl and the destruction of another.

Laura’s daughter Emily with what sounds like Tourette’s syndrome and Jaydene’s daughter Glorious with her eerie eyes and psychic abilities were definitely outsiders in any time, but this particular era was brutal.  This is a disturbing and violent tale and not for everyone.  Stan’s abuse of his wife, stepdaughter and a turtle are very upsetting.  What is described as a horrible accident in the blurb is anything but.  This plot is suspenseful and Stan’s insanity is frightening.  I felt very sorry for Emily who really is living in a nightmare for the entire book and for her mother whose situation in life went from bad to worse to even worse than that.  This book is well written and compelling but not for the faint of heart or stomach.

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