Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 9781611522952
JMS Books
285 Pages
Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Fiction, Romance, Thriller
Rating: 4 Cups

Jack Ferrell cannot believe his luck. While diving off the coast of Maui, he finds an old WWII-era class ring. Intrigued by the history behind it, he makes it his personal quest to find the owner and return it. Too bad his new boss, who just happens to be the father of his fiancé Ellery, is constantly haranguing Jack. He is sick of being the lackey and is even questioning his upcoming nuptials.

On a business trip, Jack is lucky enough to find the owner of the ring. He makes an impromptu decision to cross state lines and return it to the man, Charles McIntyre. But upon arriving back in Maui, he receives a shocking phone call from Katie, Charles’s granddaughter. The ring is actually the missing piece of a decades-old puzzle about who has murdered Katie’s mother.

With a man’s freedom hanging on the line, Jack agrees to help Katie and flies to Las Vegas. The plot thickens. It seems someone will do anything to bury the ring back in the past and keep an innocent in jail. So Jack and Katie must work against the clock before they are the next victims.

This story’s strong points are in its well-developed main and secondary characters, fast-paced dialogues and comic reliefs. Jack Ferrell is an interesting and likeable character that has solid morals and motives. The book really picks up in the second half as Jack helps Katie solve the mystery of her mother’s murder. The first part, however, is a bit slow-paced and has almost no bearing on the events in the latter half. Still it is an enjoyable, satisfying and amusing read.

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