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Naughtily Ever After Series

Book 1: Glass Slipper
Book 2: Giant
Book 3: Beast

Naughtily Ever After
ISBN# 9781607352211
December 1, 2010
Resplendence Publishing
99 Pages
Historical Erotic Romance
Rating: 5 cups

Josephine Thevenet is innocent and feels that her lush curves make her look like a milk cow, especially in comparison to her two swan-like evil stepsisters. Her evil stepmother has revoked her dowry and threatened to send her into isolation in the frigid north rather than marry her off. To learn the ways to tempt a prince, she becomes the willing and eager student of Julien.

Julien Auvrey, famous for being a seducer of innocents and a hedonist, is shocked when his good friend asks him to train his daughter in courtly ways to catch a groom. The girl is no longer the squalling babe that he remembers from the time he was dubbed her godfather. Now a ripe, lush maiden built exactly as he prefers a lady, Julien is tempted to break the promise he made to wrangle her a groom and instead keep her for himself.

Together they explore the world of passion by night while Josephine learns how to be a lady by day. Will she be able to leave him to tempt the man who will be king? Or will their passion ignite and trap them both in a love that neither expected?

Exploration and eroticism dressed in silks and lace corsets dance across the page in this steamy short read. When the first lesson learned is that passion is fierier when the pleasure is delayed, the need between these two vibrant characters is nearly engulfing enough to burn a readers fingers as they eagerly flip through the pages. Tenderness and love balance the sexual, leaving the reader satisfied and smug.

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