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The Tangent Series
Book 1: The Breach
Book 2: Ghost Country

Book 2 in the Tangent Series
ISBN: 9780061584442/ 9780062036605/ 9780062061645
January 2011
Mass Market Paperback/ eBook/ Audio/ WMA
$7.99/ $21.99
384 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Paige Campbell is leaving the White House with her coworkers when they are attacked, and most of her Tangent coworkers are murdered. She is kidnapped and brought to a building for the knowledge she holds as well as the item she has in her possession.

Travis Chase used to work for Tangent until his future was revealed, leaving him feeling overwhelmed and terrified. Changing his name, Travis left and never expected to see anyone from the Tangent again.

Bethany Stewart gets a cryptic message from Paige before her coworker is taken hostage. Finding Travis, she enrolls his help to find and save Paige from certain death.

Getting Paige out of her captors’ hands is the easy part. When the three travel to a future that is desolate and devoid of people, they begin to see what is in store for the world to come. Finding out that the end is within the next few months, they know they have to race against the clock in order to find some way to stop the ruination to come. Will they be able to save the lives of billions before it is too late?

Ghost Country is full of intense moments and sensational events that will leave you breathless. Mr. Lee tells a tale that shows off his vivid and profound writing talent. I did find myself lost many times and I had to go back and reread parts of the story to see if I missed something and I found I had not. Later, the questions that kept going through my mind would be answered, but then I would find more questions arising. This novel is like a movie where if you miss a minute of it, you will get completely lost as to what is going on. You must pay close attention to all that is going on in this novel to grasp the full storyline. It really and truly is a thrilling novel and I found myself holding my breath many times as I read.

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