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Bailey Ruth Raeburn Series
Book 1: Ghost at Work
Book 2: Merry, Merry Ghost

Book 3: Ghost In Trouble

ISBN # 978-0-06-174534-8
October 2009
Avon Books/ HarperCollins
$7.99 US/$10.99 CAN
336 pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Bailey Ruth Raeburn has always loved a good mystery. She loves adventure, only she is in heaven after passing away in a boating accident with her husband. But the opportunity for her to join in Heaven’s Department of Good Intentions and slip back to the earthly realm happens, and Bailey Ruth is thrown into a murder mystery.

There is a long list of suspects that wanted Daryl Murdoch dead. On this list is his wife, his son, a mistress and even the Reverend and his wife. But who had a reason big enough to commit murder? Bailey Ruth is there to find out.

With the suspect list growing and strange, ghostlike things happening, Bailey Ruth has to find out the truth and help protect the innocent. But that is proving hard to do, especially with a heavenly advisor hanging over her shoulder reminding her of the rules; Rules she might have to break in order to bring a murderer to justice.

What a hoot Bailey Ruth is! She is one character that you immediately fall in love with. Suspense makes a good mystery but when you add humor and someone like Bailey Ruth, you have an awesome read. I loved the way Ms Hart wrote Ghost at Work. I am now a fan and am scouting my next book from this talented author.

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