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Angel’s Bay Series
Book 1: Suddenly One Summer-June 30, 2009-
Book 2: On Shadow Beach-March 30, 2010
Book 3: In Shelter Cove-April 27, 2010
Book 4: At Hidden Falls-January 25, 2011
Book 5: Garden of Secrets-September 2011

Angel’s Bay Book 5
September 2011
Pocket Star Books
Print/ ebook
384 pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Charlotte Adams is a successful ob/gyn and has a very fulfilling life. Invited to the New Year’s Eve party by a woman she is pretty sure does not like her, she goes anyway to be with friends. Spying the two men who have been twisting her stomach into knots at a few minutes to midnight, she sneaks off to the upstairs of the mansion to escape having to choose who to kiss. The lights go out and someone is nearly murdered as the clock strikes twelve. How can Charlotte prove she is not the thief and attacker?

Joe Silveira is the chief of police. Sexy, broody, and recovering from a messy divorce, he is also attracted to Charlotte and makes no effort to hide it. He knows that her old flame from high school, now the local minister, is trying to win back her affections. But he thinks she will realize that old flames die out for a reason, but the spark that they share could burn for a lifetime.

When Charlotte becomes the most obvious culprit for the break in and theft of jewels, Joe is left trying to find a way to prove she did not do it. Unfortunately for him, Charlotte is determined to clear her name and keeps showing up at the wrong place at the wrong time. Will he find a way to prove her innocence, or will the real criminal step in to make sure Charlotte does not have a chance to tell her side of the story?

A suspenseful romp full of mystery, sexy tension, and even a ghost, Garden of Secrets has all the elements of a good murder mystery. Sadly, for this reader, it fell a little short of the mark. The characters did so much soul searching that the story dragged in places and the bad guy was pretty evident even from the start. Others who are fans of this series may enjoy this climatic novel, but this reader was less than enchanted by the Garden.

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