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The Sisterhood Series
Book 1 - Weekend Warriors
Book 2 - Payback
Book 3 - Vendetta
Book 4 - The jury
Book 5 - Sweet Revenge
Book 6 - Lethal Justice
Book 7 - Free Fall
Book 8 - Hide and Seek
Book 9 - Hokus Pokus
Book 10 - Fast Track
Book 11 - Collateral Damage
Book 12 - Final Justice
Book 13 - Under the Radar
Book 14 - Razor Sharp
Book 15 - Vanishing Act
Book 16 - Deadly Deals
Book 17 - Game Over
Book 18 - Cross Roads
Book 19 - Deja Vu
Book 20 - Home Free

Book 17 in The Sisterhood Series
ISBN-13: 978-1-4201-0687-9, 10: 1-4201-0687-2
July 2010
Kensington Publishing Corporation
352 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Keeping the faith is getting harder for the Sisters to hold onto when one person holds the key to the rest of their lives, and that person happens to be the President of the United States. They are getting more nervous and antsy as time passes, and so far no good news has been forthcoming.

The weight of the vigilante’s freedom rests on Elizabeth Fox Cricket’s shoulders, and she knows that her position in the White House is their best chance for a pardon. But being best friends with the President is a double-edged sword as Lizzie comes to realize that two can play the game.

The Sisters are thrilled to learn that Lizzie may be in the running for a position on the Supreme Court, but the way they find out leaves a very bad taste in their mouths. The hopes that they had for President Connor are also being dashed, as their pardons seem to be getting lost in the shuffle. But taking it lying down is not their style, and it is not long before they enlist the help of some very influential and trusted friends. Those closest to the President, including Lizzie, also have some very definite ideas on how to proceed, but getting burned in the process is a very real and dangerous possibility.

I wholeheartedly believe if you are a fan of the Sisterhood series this will be a real treat to add to your collection. This, however, is my first read in this series, and I am sorry to say that it took me nearly half the book to acclimate myself to the characters and their significant others. I would love to start from the beginning, and suggest other readers do as well, because the dynamics of these women and the men in their lives is very involved and really holds the key to enjoying this novel. These women are brilliantly smart and wickedly fun while taking on the highest powers in the country with all of the finesse and flash worthy of their reputation.

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