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  Women of the Otherworld Series
  Book 1- Bitten
  Book 2- Stolen
  Book 3 - Dime Store Magic
  Book 4 - Industrial Magic
  Book 5 - Haunted
  Book 6 - Broken
  Book 7 - No Humans Allowed
  Book 8 - Personal Demon
  Book 9 - Living with the Dead
  Book 10 - Frostbitten
  Book 11 - Waking the Witch

ISBN- 9780553806625/ 9780679314875
October 1, 2009
Bantam Dell Publishers
$26 US/ $32 CAN
352 pages
Rating 5 cups

As a young woman Elena Michaels was bitten by a werewolf who would become her mate. Now she is facing the challenges of being a mother of three-and-a- half-year- old supernatural twins, and being a wife to a temperamental werewolf. Word has come from the Alpha, Jeremy Danvers, stating he wants to make her the next Alpha. As if life is not complicated enough for Elena.

Clayton Danvers is the muscle and brawn of the Pack. He is known throughout the werewolf community as being sadistic and psychopathic. The flip side to Clay is he is happily married to his mate, Elena, and enjoys his life as a dad when he is not on the road with his job as a college professor. Working with his wife to bring down bad werewolves is just half the fun he gets to have on their adventures.

Elena is on the hunt for a young mutt (a werewolf not belonging to a Pack), Reese, who is being implicated as a man-eater. The wolves Reese was running with killed humans and ate them. Now, they are blaming Reese for it. He leads Elena and Clay into Anchorage, Alaska. While there, Jeremy asks them to look up some old members of the Pack. Trouble comes looking for Elena and Clay as they delve into the mysterious disappearances of three young girls and a few dead humans. When a rogue Pack is discovered, it is up to Elena, Clay, Antonio and Nick Sorrentino to help bring them to justice—Pack justice—along with help from some new friends.

Journeying into the Alaskan wilderness with two of my favorite characters is not a hardship for this reviewer. I have read this entire set, but it is not necessary, as this story can stand alone. Ms. Armstrong adds details for the newcomers to this series without making it seem repetitive for the fans of her work. Elena really comes into her own, but Clay is the character who grows the most. He allows Elena to begin the transition to Alpha, yet he is struggling with a few of his own issues. There is so much action packed between the covers of this book that you can hardly catch your breath before they are off and running again. I can say with much certainty that this book will be sitting on my shelf for years to come, and I am looking forward to many more books from Ms. Armstrong.

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