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ISBN: E-book 978-1-59705-011-1 Trade paperback 978-1-59705-966-4
April 2010
Wings E-press
E-book and Trade paperback
E-book $6 Trade paperback $10.95
202 pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 cups

Andras is a demon, but a bored demon. After the master and the creator made a pact, agreeing that neither would interfere with humans for 100 years, Andras has been stuck in hell with nothing to do. So he decides to use a secret entrance to earth and take the body of a suicide victim. He becomes a seventeen year old boy.

Alexis Hoffman knows there is something different about Carter Ross; he is no longer the meek victim he used to be. She has always thought he was nice, but now she really likes him, especially after he defends her from the school bully.

Lucifer soon sends a demon after Andras. Flauros kidnaps Alexis in a bid to make Andras kill the human body he possesses. Andras and Alexis escape and run across America in a bid to stay ahead of Flauros and the police who think they killed both their parents.

Although I like the theory behind this story, I feel it is weak. I kept waiting for the excitement. The main story just repeats the same things, fight, run away, then get caught again. As a romance novel, it is lacking in romance. It would, however, make a good teen novel, having not only characters of that age but a romance level suitable for teen readers.

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