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ISBN: 978-0-9826023-7-9
April 2010
Pink Petal Books
200 pages
Sensual Contemporary
Rating: 3 cups

Katherine Wheeler has been in LA for about six months and money is getting very tight when she sees a job advertised that pays $2000 a week. When she is offered the job, she thinks everything in life will get better. The only problem is her irresistible new boss, but for the money he is paying, she will just have to handle her hormones.

Pieter Van Rijn has been burnt in the past and has been playing the field since. But he does not want that anymore. Katherine is different from his previous secretaries. None has ever shown an interest in his business, only his bed and his money.

Katherine and Pieter have a very professional relationship, although Katherine wants more from it. Pieter seems to have feelings for her, or is her mind just seeing what she wants it to and not what is really there. She is confused when he kisses her then leaves the office for the rest of the day. But she is heart broken when he fires her the next day. Should she just walk away or fight for what she wants?

Katherine is a very emotional woman with a very vivid imagination. She dreams up a story for every little thing and goes from thinking Pieter is a serial killer hiding bodies in the warehouse to being utterly in love with him. Pieter is a very quiet person, and you do not learn a great deal about him during the story. This is a very slow moving story that plods along with a lot of little extra side stories that don’t really add to the overall story line.

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