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Pack Seduction Series
Book 1: Claiming Their Mate
Book 2: Freya’s Mate
Book 3: The Last Princess
Book 4: Forbidden Mate

Pack Seduction Book 2
ISBN: 9781926950600
June 2011
Evernight Publishing
77 Pages
Ménage Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Freya is a wolf shifter as well as a royal princess, and she knows she must stay one step ahead of those who would like to claim her as their mate. When she enters a night club in search of food, she does not expect to come face to face with her destiny.

Gideon’s lion wants nothing more than to devour Freya with his passion. But before he can taste the succulent little she-wolf, someone intercedes.

Darius knows that Freya is special, but as a human he has no idea exactly how special she is. When he comes to her rescue and gets her out from under Gideon’s thumb, he finds he wants to explore her every waking need.

Vincent should know better than to go after a female that his boss has staked a claim on, but Freya calls to his cougar like nobody has before.

Freya cannot believe her wolf wants not one, not two, but three men as her own. Not only that, but one of them just happens to be human. How can she choose between a lion, a cougar, and a man who is willing to defend her even though he has no idea how much danger he could be in? Even as her confusion turns to passion, Freya catches a new scent, and it is one that she has been searching for. Has she finally found the one person she thought was lost to her?

Some of the things I liked most about Freya’s Mates is the diverse characters, the realistic problems they are trying to overcome, and the passion they feel for each other. Sure, here is a tale by Ms. Espino that includes sensational sex but it also includes prejudicial matters, royalty issues, and overcoming some extreme odds. You really get an indepth look into the world of shifters as the different species interact with each other as well as the human race. I found this tale to be delightfully intriguing and full of passionate encounters that left me wanting more.

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