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Helping Hands Series

Book 1: Connor’s Lair
Book 2: Freeing Silver
Book 3: Agent Chris

Helping Hands Book 2
Blair Nightingale
ISBN#: 9781771118996
March 2014
Extasy Books
138 Pages
Erotic Romance Gay GLBT Paranormal Shapeshifter Suspense Werewolves
Rating: 3 Cups

Silver cannot remember anything about his past. All he knows is the last several months with the love of his life Connor.

Connor is an artist and does not care that Silver does not remember his past unless it causes pain for Silver.

When rumors of strangers asking strange questions about wolves in areas where there are werewolf packs begin being circulated, Silver and Connor know something is up, just not what. They will do anything to protect their and their pack’s secret. The mystery deepens further when strangers show up at a local bar calling Silver by a name he does not recognize. Silver does know them but he knows he, Connor and the pack are in danger. Silver must remember who he is in order to be able to protect those he loves, but will the return of his memories even make that possible or will he and his newfound pack find themselves in even deeper hot water?

I enjoyed Freeing Silver. I liked the suspense, as well as the premise for this story. The world building is well done, and the love between Connor and Silver is very real and emotional. I had two issues with the story, one was I jumped into the middle of this series and it took me until about a quarter of the way through the book to really pick up on how this couple met and the back story. That's not the author's fault though, it just made it harder to follow what was happening. The other issue was the way the story ended which was with a major cliffhanger. Now I’m all for cliffhangers, but in this case rather than making me want to keep reading to find out what was going to happen ie buying the next book, I just was left feeling unsatisfied. This is a good story, but be prepared to not know the final outcome. I would label these books as a serial rather than a series since they seem to end on cliffhangers.

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