Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN# 9781612522951
March 2013
Desert Breeze Publishing
160 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Dawn Wainwright has to make a tough decision to uproot her daughter and shift to San Francisco solely for Kelly's benefit. Though they are still adjusting to the new place, the last thing Dawn expects is to come face-to-face with her high school sweetheart, Rick Landry, the father of her daughter.

Rick Landry has never gotten over Dawn after she disappears with her family overnight. Seeing her brings back all the feelings he has for her, and he is now determined to pick up from where they have left off.

Dawn never tells Rick about their daughter because her family is under the Witness Protection Program. When her parents die and she gets the chance, she searches for him, but cannot find him. Now she fears that, if he finds out, he will take Kelly away from her. Instead, Rick bonds with her, becoming a part of their lives as he hopes to mend his and Dawn's own fragile bond.

This book has taken me on a roller coaster ride of frustration and confusion. I find Dawn's fears to be a bit un-realistic and selfish. Even when I try imagining myself in her shoes, I still cannot understand most of her actions regarding Rick nor empathize with her. The ending, too, is a jumble of mixed decisions and a bit abrupt. Nonetheless, it is a sweet book to read, if you have nothing better to do and do not expect a lot.

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