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ISBN: 978-1-60601-539-1
177 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Isobel is the daughter of the late Earl of Northumbria. Her mother has been trying to force her to marry, but she has refused all, the obnoxious Lord Carl in particular. She longs for her home and to be away from her cruel drunken mother.

Sir Robert is a Norman knight, known as King William’s Black Blade. He is the subject of many tales and rumors, most of them exaggerated, but he is a very fierce knight.

When Isobel is thrown out of her mother’s house for refusing yet another undesirable suitor, she has no choice but to set out for Wellsham in the dead of winter. More serious dangers than the weather await her, until she is rescued by the notorious Black Blade himself.

Ms. James has written a very good historical romance with vivid characters and a plot full of action, romance, and a little humor as well. Isobel is a strong young woman who is not afraid to stand up to the scariest man in the realm. Robert is not as confident as he seems, which leads him to jump to conclusions where Isobel is concerned. This has some pretty dire results. The other characters in the story are also well done. I particularly liked the romantically inclined Adwyn and Robert’s best friend, the very helpful Ulrich. The two villains of the piece are vile in different ways. Isobel’s mother Lady Tamlyn has no morals, and is vicious and greedy. Lord Carl has a huge ego and actually thinks he is Isobel’s equal, in addition to his greed. Fans of medieval historical romance are going to love this book.

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