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ISBN# Unavailable
June 7, 2012
Self Published
E Book
90 pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Valerie Standish, store clerk extraordinaire, admires the young soldier who enters her shop to save the day during a benign robbery. His well-defined muscles, even the combination of work boots and ratty old baseball cap, add to the All-American package; part red-neck and ambition driven. Her type.

The attraction is forged, but Valerie is leery of soldiers; fearing a repeat of her past way of life. However, his brilliant blue eyes rivaling a Colorado sky, capture her attention. To add to the conflict, Kevin’s superior is General Standish, her father, who holds sway over her future and his.

The light adventure continues as they try to work out their goals to accommodate their visions of two very different futures. Can Love win out? The yin and yang build before resolving misunderstanding and compromises can quell the tide.

This novella is destined to please a young audience, perhaps being read in airports while awaiting a flight. It moves swiftly, sometimes too swiftly, as the pace and point of view changes are off, perhaps from cutting detail that would have been orienting, but it is certainly worth a read.

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