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ISBN# (10)1629290262/(13)9781629290263
1 August 2013
Eternal Press
199 Pages
Paranormal Urban fantasy
Rating: 2 Cups

Trouble seems to follow Iris wherever she goes. Even when she simply tries to mind her own business and do her job, she is swept up into problems. When she meets Kaul under unusual circumstances, she is drawn to him, although she knows he is trouble. Plus, he seems to know things about her that she does not know about herself.

There is more to Kaul Fonliesy than meets the eye. He knows his destiny and Iris?s. Even though he becomes part of Iris?s life, he still holds himself back from her. Because he cannot afford to tell her the truth.

Iris Borden is a good Private Investigator. Through her work, she has gained many friends she can trust. But now she has a new job that makes her indestructible. She is a soul collector for Death, and he does not approve of her divided interests. She keeps her secret as long as she can. With fate playing a game with her life, it will not be long before her secrets are out and her destiny meets her face to face.

The story integrates Greek Folklore with a modern day setting. It is apparent that the author is knowledgeable about both Greek Mythology and the inner workings of being a Private Investigator. There is an abundance of new and unique characters popping up throughout the story. It has a unique new spin on some legendary characters and a suitable ending. It is fast-paced to the point of feeling rushed in places. Also, there are some relationships within the story that feel as if the characters are close to the heroine for a long time though they do not show up nor are they mentioned until later chapters. It jars the reader, causing them to page back through the book for any hint of a previous encounter. Although the story often zips from one action scene to an entirely new one, the last half of the book smoothes out. It also answers some of the questions dangling from the beginning.

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