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ISBN# 978-0-062115416
October 16, 2012
William Morrow
448 Pages
Women’s Fiction
Rating: 5 Cups

Emma Tupper is everything a successful woman should be. A respected lawyer, she successfully litigates herself into a spectacular number of winning cases. Her performance in the courtroom sets her up to be the next partner at Thompson, Price & Clearwater. Her life seems to be going absolutely according to plan until her mother passes away and leaves Emma a trip to Africa in her will.

Torn by a desire to follow her mother’s last request and a duty to fulfill her obligations to her firm and her clients, Emma arranges for one month of leave. Unforeseen circumstances leave Emma stranded in a remote African village and unable to contact her friends or coworkers. After six months she returns home to discover her boyfriend has moved on to someone else. A stranger lives in her apartment, and she has been declared missing, presumed dead.

Now Emma is faced with the task of rebuilding her life, though inside she knows she is not the same person she once was. As she fumbles through the process, she comes to realize that she has a chance rarely given to anyone. Should she pick up the pieces and continue where she left off? Or is this her chance to start over and live the life she never knew she wanted?

Forgotten brings home that question we rarely ask. If we could really change our lives, would we? Told entirely from Emma’s point of view, it is both heartwarming and heartrending, and utterly engrossing. This is a book for anyone who has ever asked the question, what if?

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