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ISBN #: 9781611242515
February 2012
Amber Quill Press
171 Pages
Fantasy / Shapeshifter / Science Fiction / Futuristic / Witchcraft / Magic / Paranormal / Psychic Phenomena / Action / Adventure / Voyeurism / Exhibitionism / Public Places
Rating: 5 Cups

Cinnamon “Cinna” Sweetstorm D’Vortimer is a dragon shifter and healer.

Cedric Blackwell Zaric is the King of Kardona and is in the process of trying to wrest his kingdom from the evil dragon priests.

When Cinna’s young cousin calls for help through their mind bond, she knows she will have to travel into the dark kingdom of Kardona. It is a land where dragon priests sacrifice young maidens to the dragon god, and teach that paranormal gifts are evil and need to be eradicated. Her cousin’s fate if she does not find him is too horrible to contemplate and so she risks everything including her own safety to enter Kardona and search for him. Along the way she discovers a young girl tied to a sacrificial post who has been tortured. She begins to help the girl when more help arrives in the form of Cedric. Cedric, and horse, his fairy dragon, and Cinna’s do their best to fight off the predators lured by the smell of the girl’s blood, but it is only when the girl’s family shows up to help that they are able to turn the tide. Once everything settles down, Cinna and Cedrick learn the girl’s baby brother has been kidnapped as well, and both agree to help find the lad. Cedric and Cinna are highly attracted to each other, but both hold secrets that the other does not know, secrets that could break their budding relationship and leave it in shambles, not to mention get them killed. Will their fledgling love survive a hornet’s nest of secrets, will they survive long enough to locate Cinna’s cousin and save Cedric’s kingdom? Or will the evil dragon priests succeed in murdering Cedric and wresting power from him to continue their evil dominion over Kardona?

Ms. Reid writes the absolute best kind of fantasy romance! I absolutely LOVED this story! Forged in Blood is one of those books you pick up again and again, and find some little tidbit you missed the first time around. The characters are realistic despite this being fantasy, and I loved the allusions to Earth and their ancestors, they in fact made me wonder if she plans on writing a book set right after colonization. Some of my favorite characters in this book are the fairy dragons. They reminded me of miniature fairy godmothers, and the whole telepathy thing going on with them and other of the animals in the book really add to the depth and realism of the story. Quite simply the book had me on the edge of my seat until the very last page. If you love fantasy romance, stellar world building, great characters, and beautiful love stories then Forged in Blood is the book for you!

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