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ISBN: 9780061578267-Paperback/ 9780061959431-eBook
November 2009
Avon A, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers
Paperback/ eBook
$13.99-Paperback/ $10.99-eBook
434 Pages
Historical Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Charmaine Ryan is a governess at Charmantes, the estate that houses Frederic Duvoisin. She and Frederic’s son Paul have grown close since his other son John left.

John Duvoisin feels that his father has betrayed him. But after an invitation comes from his father, John heads home not expecting it to be a life altering decision.

Charmaine is all set to accept more than friendship with Paul when John returns, along with her overwhelming love for him. But their turbulent past is far from settled and brother is pitted against brother as well as father against son. Secrets are revealed that change the way the family sees each other. Can the Duvoisin’s come together in their time of need as a murderer is chased down, or will a vicious and evil villain get away with yet another murder?

Wow. Forever Waiting is a novel I did not want to put down; the intensity, drama, emotions, and timeless story is written beautifully by the team that makes up DeVa Gantt. The only fault I could find was some of the back storyline was from previous books and so I did not always understand why the characters were reacting to the situations the way they did. This saga will leave you breathless with anticipation as you journey with these amazing characters and see all they have lost and found within the pages. This is one novel you will not want to miss especially for anyone looking to read a story with heart and soul.

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