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ISBN: 9780982483398
November 2009
Rogue Phoenix Press
262 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Etta Barringer has not led the most tranquil life. As a young lady she witnessed more violence and destruction that anyone should ever have to see in their lifetime.

Jacob St. John is a Pinkerton, and usually pretty good at his job. But when it comes to Etta, there is something about the woman that has him getting ensnared in her web of deceit time and again.

Etta knows that Jacob sees her as some seductive woman out to trap him, but that is not who she is. For some reason she is always bumbling her missions, especially ones that have Jacob caught in the middle. But when a dangerous enemy comes calling, both will have to use all their street smart ways to survive. And maybe they can learn to trust one another as they are contained within a cabin in the mountains during the long cold winter with only each other to keep warm during the blustery nights.

Forever His is a story that has some good traits as well as some flawed qualities. Parts of the story were confusing and left me feeling as if I had jumped into the middle of a book and into the middle of the main characters’ tale. I was also put off with how the relationship between Etta and Jacob was so turbulent and their mistrust for each other was repeated throughout the novel, leaving me exasperated with their immature thought process. I did enjoy how Ms. Young brought out the softer side of Jacob as well as the stronger and more independent side of Etta. While this may not be a rave review, the novel does get a good and satisfactory rating for the quality of writing style that kept me reading the book to the end.

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