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ISBN #: 0-9765397-0-5
January 2005
Rowena Cherry - Now Self Published
310 pages
Sci-Fi Romance
Rating: 4 Cups


Djinni-vera fascinated Prince Tarrant-Arragon. Her camouflage fatigues with high heels were one reason. The fact that she was psychic was another. A small problem could be her vow of chastity as a Saurian White Knight. Killing herself or attempting to kill him first just did not fit in this game.

Enter J.J. He had an arranged marriage to Djinni-vera and a wedding permit. He had been practicing his docking for a good part of the thirteen years since Djinni last saw him; while she had been keeping her part of an apparently one-sided chastity clause.

Djinni was looking at the Tiger Prince of Tigron, a tricky brute who is probably a bore in bed on one hand; and Djethro-Jason, an idiot fiancé from the lost branch of the royal family on the other. Raging Carnality! Are they going to fight over the right to rule the Empire or make the pawn a Queen!

Ms. Cherry has introduced us to a refreshing change in the routine alien story plot. She has produced a completely new way to curse and put it in a love story. Her sense of humor shines through. This was one book that I had to force myself not to look at the ending. You never could guess what her spunky little heroine was going to do next. Do not miss Grievous. He is a scene-stealer. In fact, do not miss this author. She is a scene-stealer herself.

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