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ISBN#: Unavailable
September 2009
Noble Romance Publishing
101 Pages
MM Historical
Rating: 3 cups

My Outlaw

Daniel Branson is a cowboy who got sent home on the stage coach when his horse died.

Black Bart is a local criminal known for holding up stage coaches.

When Black Bart holds up the stage coach that Daniel is on, Daniel knows he is in trouble. However, he is in more trouble than he thinks, especially when he discovers what Black Bart has in store for him.

In my opinion, this is the jewel in this anthology. I really got a kick out of both the main characters, and there were a couple of places I could not stop laughing. Also, I loved the ending, as it is totally unexpected.


Sir Renoir Danier lives in a world that does not allow for being attracted to other men, and so Renoir must keep his preference a secret.

Sir Sebastian is a Spanish knight and the love of Renoir’s life.

When Renoir meets Sebastian, he first tries to avoid him, and hide his attraction, but Sebastian is not fooled. He goes out of his way to become Renoir’s lover. While the two form a very tight love bond in a short time, sometimes love is not enough.

A well written tale, that I personally found a bit too realistic when it came to the punch line. In spite of this, I liked this story.

Poisoned Heart

Raiden is a disillusioned young Japanese man who has vowed revenge on the man he loved as a teenager because the man murdered his family.

Masashi loves Raiden, but he is being pushed by others to do something he finds abhorrent.

Raiden goes to spectacular lengths in order to exact his revenge. He chooses to go back in time and kill Masashi before he can kill Raiden’s parents, but all does not happen as he plans.

A story that outlines what can happen to someone when betrayal ruins young love. I really liked the time travel aspect of this story. This is a very realistic and historically accurate tale, and the ending will surprise you.


William of Raven is a Templar knight who joined the Templars in order to hide from himself what he was, and hide from the man he loves.

Guy de Metz is the man that William loved and a pilgrim to Jerusalem.

When Guy and other pilgrims are attacked by the Saracens, William and his order arrive to help save them. However, William has no idea that the man he has been running from for years has just found him.

I enjoyed the historical accuracy of this story, but I would have been happier with a different ending. It is one of those endings where you are not quite sure what actually happens, and I prefer something a bit more solid.

Overall this is a solid anthology with some good stories that the authors obviously did a lot of research on as the details are very accurate historically speaking. I enjoyed reading all of these stories. They are well crafted and deserving of being read, especially if you enjoy GLBT romances.

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