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ISBN: 15555496
July 2009
Midnight Showcase Fiction
Print/ Ebook
$12.99/ $5.99
135 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups


Phoebe Venture is not a normal girl. Even though she is only eight years old, she is very special. She can see angels.

Dante is a Fallen Angel. His job is to protect the innocent from the evil beings of Hell. When he first meets Phoebe, he brushes the little girl’s mumblings off as nonsense.

Years have passed since Dante and Phoebe first met each other. Now, she is a woman who has grown to be beautiful and her house just happens to sit on the edge of the entrance to Hell. Dante knows it will take all of his will not to fall for the beautiful, but obviously insane woman. Because there is no way she can tell the future, especially when it means doom and gloom for him and his crew of Angels.

Ms. Jade writes an intriguing tale of Angels, Demons, and the humans who help them. However, parts of the story were really confusing, and I almost felt as if I was jumping into the middle of the story without knowing what was going on. Not a spectacular read but not bad either.

The First Day of Never

All of her life, Svanna Nigal has done what is right and proper and expected of her. The rules set by her controlling father have led her life, and the freedom she wants is curtailed dramatically in every way.

Demitri is a guardian angel. To be more exact, he is Svanna’s guardian angel sent to Earth to help pave her way to the independent life she so craves.

Svanna finally puts her foot down and leaves her father and his controlling ways. While in London, she meets Demitri, who guides her through some hard life lessons. But when it comes right down to it, will she understand exactly who she must become in order to save her own life or is she destined for something more tragic?

Ms. Whalen certainly has a vivid imagination. I sometimes wish my guardian angel would come and tell me what I need to do to make my life more euphoric and my home like utopia. Parts were a little wild and left me reeling with the feeling of needing a map to understand where Demitri and Svanna were at and what they were journeying to. Overall though, the story has some very good life lessons and morals to it that will have any reader thinking “what if.”


Leah is one of the best investors at Huntington’s Financial. Even though she worked her tail off to get where she is, her coworkers still spread rumors of her sleeping her way to the top.

As the CEO of the company, Jacob O’Reilly is also a connoisseur of women. Most leave him cold after the chase is over, but there is something about Leah that brings out the best and the worst in him.

When Leah realizes that her boss is out to seduce her, she is not sure what to do. While she finds the forty year old highly sexy and seductive, she is used to quick one-night stands to quench her lust. But Jacob is just as determined to get her not only in his bed but in his life for all eternity. He will do whatever it takes to claim Leah as his.

Ms. Fischer really spices up her stories. The foreplay alone is so intense and sensual I almost did not want to read the sex scene because I knew it would end. She depicted Jacob as this man who oozes sensuality and knows how to take control of Leah. This is a wonderfully written tale full of steamy foreplay that will leave you breathless.

In a Forbidden Manor

The first time Lady Elspeth Bethany FitzPatrick saw Ellesfor Court, she fell in love. Determined to get her way, she decides to use all of her wiles to get the new owner to fall in love with her.

Sir Richard Ellesfor knows that his inheritance is crumbling around him, but he is going to find an heiress and marry her. This will help him get his rundown home back to its original beautiful state.

Knowing that Richard prefers dark haired, buxom women, Ellie disguises herself and pretends to be the cook in hopes of somehow getting her claws into Richard. She does not expect to fall for the gardener, but that is exactly what happens. Will she be able to leave her new feelings of love behind when the new owner shows up to claim his inheritance, or has the spoiled child finally grown up to become a worthy woman?

Ms. Margret tells an enchanting story with a fairytale feel to it. I loved how I could see Ellie growing from a girl used to getting what she wants into a woman who is willing to put other people’s feelings first. A very heartwarming and sensual tale fit for any romance reader.

Forbidden Fruit is a novel full of ups and downs. The theme of angels, demons, immortals, and pretenders made this story a unique book with enough flavor to keep me entertained. While some of the stories were better than others, on the whole it was a good book. I can guarantee that by the time you finish this novel you will have a smile on your face and be quite happy that you did read these enchanting tales.

Caution: One story contains scenes of bondage and submission.

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