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ISBN: 978-0-06-163272-3
June 2, 2009
Avon Red, an Imprint of Harper Collins Publishers
312 Pages
Fiction / Erotica
Rating: 4 Cups


It has been entirely too long since Celina Tate has seen her good friends, Elayne and Jasmine, and almost as long since she has been with a man. Her job keeps her hopping and leaves little room for a personal life.

Rand Paxson has a dream job and one he intends to keep for a very long time. Captain of the S.S. Fantasy comes with perks unheard of in the corporate world, and he takes full advantage of every last one.

Celina meets up with her good friends as a loving farewell to their beloved friend, Carol, who passed away while living her life on her own terms. Celina intends to make up for lost time both with her friends and with a man. Rand has no trouble finding his entertainment for this voyage, but Celina strikes a chord deep in his heart, and the thought of only four days with her is very unsettling.

Rand and Celina make for a very striking couple. The romance is absolutely delectable, and the heat they produce totally incendiary.


This cruise is exactly what Elayne Wyatt needs, great friends, good food, and plenty of single men. Her life is hectic, and her schedule has had her traveling almost non-stop. Four days of being pampered and blissed out on sex sounds like heaven.

First Officer Jonathan Hurn spots Elayne as she is boarding the ship and takes steps right away to claim her. He always has a good time with the ladies on the ship, but this one looks like she could be something special.

Elayne loves a man who can take care of a woman’s body, but that is where her attachment ends. With two divorces under her belt, she has no intention of adding a third. Jonathan absolutely worships Elayne’s body, but when the feelings begin to run a little deeper, both of them are thoroughly rattled.

Elayne is wonderfully luscious, and Jonathan treats her body like a shrine, but it is their hearts that make them so much fun. They may tempt and tease, but you can feel their connection right from the start.


Life on a silver platter pretty much sums up Jasmine Britt’s existence. She is filthy rich, gorgeous, and never wants for male companionship, but love has never entered into the picture.

So much of his life has been in and out of hospitals, but Chase Cummings is finally as healthy as he will ever be. Too bad he is afraid to live life.

The death of their friend Carol made up Jasmine's mind. She was going to get together with her girlfriends and take them on a cruise of a lifetime. The S.S. Fantasy has the reputation as a sex cruise, and that is just what Carol would have loved if she were still here. Jasmine is all set to make the most of it, but her sights are set on a man who wants nothing to do with her, something which has NEVER ever happened before. Chase is terrified of giving in to his desires for Jaz, but she makes it so hard to resist, and he has the feeling he is fighting a losing battle.

This is a case of opposites attract, because Jaz and Chase could not be more different. However, they fit like perfect puzzle pieces, and their story is tender and sweet.

Forbidden Fantasies is a devilishly sensual read with characters that will have you begging for more. The women are no shrinking violets and give as good as they get. The men, especially Rand and Jonathan, will have any red-blooded woman panting after them. Expanding the fantasy angle could only make this even hotter, and would take it right over the top.

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