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ISBN: (13)9780758223715
July 28, 2009
Kensington Publishing Corp.
320 Pages
Women’s Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Karen, Emily, and Elizabeth are best friends who have had triumph and tribulations throughout the years. Their lives have gone down different paths but their friendship has always been steady. Even though each woman has diverse goals and live different lives, they continue to support each other as the weeks, months, and years go by.

Karen is getting ready to marry her future husband Robert. While she knows she loves him, after watching her parents’ marriage disintegrate from “I love yous” to spray painting insults on cars, Karen is not sure that marriage is the best option for her. Then there is the fact that she has not even told her parents that she is getting married, afraid that they will stand up and object during the wedding ceremony.

Emily has just married Parker, a wealthy and influential man who has secrets of his own. When she finds out the truth, it will bring her whole world crashing down around her. Even as Emily continues to struggle to keep her marriage afloat, Elizabeth is finding herself having to make her own huge decisions. Her boyfriend Nick wants to take the next step toward a closer relationship, marriage. Then there is Ian, a man determined to pluck the financial advisor out from underneath the other man’s nose and keep her for himself.

Ms. Rosenblatt takes us on a journey of three women, the men in their lives, and the constant friendship that helps them deal with their everyday problems. For Better or Worse was a good read for me and I love how dynamic Elizabeth, Karen, and Emily are when they get around each other. However, for each of them, there comes a time in the story where I just do not care for how spineless they come off as being. For Elizabeth it is how derogatory Nick is about her work and how she can improve. Emily is always being put down by Parker when he comments on her culinary skills and seems to think she is only good as eye candy. And for Karen, it is her mother who just seems to steamroll right over her on important decisions in her life. Other than that one element of each character, this is a story that will have you intertwined within these girls’ lives and hoping that each will come out on top by the end.

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