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ISBN# 978-1-933826-27-1
May 2006
PMI Books
264 Pages
Chick Lit
Rating: 3 Cups

Faith is a high school English teacher in Minnesota. She is going through a bad patch; her boyfriend of two years has just dumped her for her oldest friend, and everyone keeps telling her that she is self-absorbed. Thinking that they may be right, she takes another friend’s advice and moves to Minneapolis to start over.

Ethan has had his share of bad relationships and is just ending one when he meets Faith. She is constantly misunderstanding him and his intentions, but he is drawn to her just the same.

A young woman tries to start her life over in a different city, but all of her old problems follow her, and she develops some new ones along the way. A crazy roommate and a stalker are among them.

I really enjoyed Faith’s story and I was firmly on her side by the end of the book. I found that the most self-centered bunch of people surrounded her, from her family to her friends. The characters were very real, even if they were not all that likable. Her phone sex operator/stripper roommate Missy is very colorful, as is Faith’s sister Margaret. Ethan is appropriately moody and sexy, the former boyfriend is sleazy and pathetic, and her friends are more interested in themselves than anyone else. The stalker is a great addition to the story. Faith’s realization of her faults and that she is more than everyone thinks she is, makes a very good story.

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