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ISBN#: 9781605922201
December 2010
Noble Romance Publishing
141 Pages
M/M Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Hot Dom, Cold Sub

Denny has been in love with a photograph for two years. That photograph is of a Dom named Rafe. Denny has saved himself for Rafe and been working towards being the best sub he can be so Rafe will want him forever.

Rafe is a very serious Dom who can have any sub he wants, but having Denny comes with a price he may not be willing to pay.

Denny is hoping that all his training as a sub with his uncle and other Doms will finally pay off in allowing him to become Rafe’s permanent sub. Even though he has never met Rafe personally, he knows Rafe is the Dom for him. His uncle and the other Doms he knows have told him that if he really wants Rafe, he will need to essentially play hard to get. If it is too easy for Rafe to get him, then he will treat him as he does other subs. Unfortunately, this ends up backfiring on Denny when Rafe does something that he finds absolutely unacceptable. Will Rafe be able to see how Denny is the right sub for him or will Denny lose the man he has come to love?

Ms. Glenn has done it again! I am very picky about which BDSM stories I will read because I have read some really bad ones over the years. However, I do not hesitate to pick up any story in this sub-genre by Ms. Glenn. She understands how this world works and has the gift of showing it in the proper light. Her ability to show BDSM in a loving relationship is par excellence. Simply put, nobody does it better!

Dominate Me

Paul Martin is young, virgin and a sub. The first time he sees Nash Gage he knows he wants him over all the other Doms.

Nash Gage is a hard core Dom who enjoys living the BDSM lifestyle. His current sub has just left him, and now he is looking for an innocent sub that he can train to his liking.

When Nash gets a look at Paul, he knows almost instantly that he wants to learn more about him. He bids on Paul in the Flogger’s Holiday Auction and wins him. He also has sex with him for the first time right there in the club in front of everyone. However, while this is a tad embarrassing to Paul, he does not really mind too much since he got Nash and that is what he wanted. Nash takes Paul home for several days and the two become closer. But Nash’s former sub is waiting in the wings, and Nash nearly blows everything he has gained with Paul by doing the unthinkable. Will Paul be able to forgive him, or will Nash lose him forever?

When I first started this story I did not know if I was going to like it, but as I continued to read and the relationship progressed, I found I liked the story very much. While Ms. Brown portrays the BDSM lifestyle in a bit more of a hard core way, she also effectively shows the emotions between Paul and Nash. The emotional damage done to Nash by his former sub is written in such heart wrenching terms that while what he does to Paul is nearly unacceptable, the reader is able to understand why he does it. The lovemaking is full of emotion and when coupled with the scene, makes this story very enjoyable. I will definitely be reading more of this author and encourage others to do so as well.

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