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ISBN- 9781607773092
November 2009
Ravenous Romance
213 pages
Erotic Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 cups

Josie Bovard is a partner in Stilettos Inc., an all-girl private investigation firm. She is precognitive, which means she can see a person’s future if she touches them. Her mother’s journal contains secrets that make Josie ask more questions.

Tanner Wiley is part of the SIA – Specials Intelligence Agency. He has the special superhuman power of invisibility, which often gets him into predicaments, especially with Josie.

Josie’s mother left a journal behind when she passed away. Josie began to notice there were deeply encoded messages within the words her mother wrote. Josie enlists Tanner to help her find the geneticist her mother wrote about. Tanner willing helps Josie, but when trouble comes knocking at her door, he has no choice except to protect her as best he can.

This book is the next in the Stilettos Inc. series. Filled with great humor, delicious sexual tension and heated passion, Flirting with Fate is one read that can keep the reader entertained. The relationship Tanner and Josie share is riddled with chaos, yet it heightens the reading experience to a level I would not have normally expected. The people who exist within the pages of this novel only add fuel to the fire of Tanner and Josie’s romance. Ms. Ryan certainly knows how to spin a tale which keeps the reader cheering for the characters. I would recommend adding this one to your collection.

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