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ISBN #978-1-936222-34-6
October 2010
Wild Child Publishing
173 Pages
Historical Fiction
Rating: 4 cups

Glenys is a Druid healer who respects the ancient Roman gods and portrays herself as a Christian. The Christian Church fears women like her.

Aschi is a Jewish trader who converted to Christianity to save his life, not his soul.

The latter years of the Roman Empire were those of turmoil as the old gods and religious system were roughly thrown aside to make way for Christianity. Zealots and the corrupt found ample opportunity in these times. Druids like Glenys and Jews like Ashti are forced to hide their true beliefs to survive. Others like Hypatia struggle to save the good parts of previous civilization.

This novel is set in various parts of the crumbling Roman Empire, but the increasing power and corruption of the Christian church is the same throughout. The author does a good job of describing the chaotic times leading to the end of Rome and the beginning of the Dark Ages. Glenys' story is the main focus and hers is a very exciting story, but the subplot of Hypatia and her struggles is fascinating also. The Church seems to be universally corrupt and greedy; so different from the basis on which it was founded. I enjoyed reading about Mr. Willdorf's very realistic characters and their struggles to survive in a new and scary world.

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