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ISBN: 978-1-4543-0175-2
March 2012
Red Rose Publishing
64 Pages
Paranormal /Erotic
Rating: 2 Cups

Gwen Fields is afraid of hawks because of an incident a few years earlier, however, when a friend is murdered and a hawk dives in front of an arrow clearly meant for Gwen, she rescues the bird and begins caring for it.

Cory Falconer is a shape-shifter who, because of an incantation placed upon him by his father, must temporarily revert to his hawk-form at night.

Though Gwen notices that both Cory and the hawk have similar, piercing, intelligent eyes, she is unaware that Cory and the hawk are actually dual forms of the same being. She and Cory begin working together during the day to track down the murderer, and at night, as his injury heals, the hawk escapes confinement so he can watch over Gwen as she stakes out the killer’s haunts.

This book never really clicked for me. It was not an enjoyable read because the writing was choppy with transitions that were too abrupt. I was struck by the composition’s extreme lack of musicality. Normally, as I read I hear a cadence or rhythm within the story that accompanies the imagery scrolling through my mind as I become engrossed in a tale. I wanted to find that in this novella, but it simply failed to materialize for me. Often the conversations felt overly contrived, as if constructed primarily to convey important information to the reader. The concept of the book interested me, and was the reason I selected it, however, I became disillusioned with the execution quickly, which in turn affected much of the empathy I would otherwise have felt for the characters.

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