Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN#: 9781621350576
July 2012
Astrea Press
141 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 2 cups

Zaidee Rogers witnessed her brother’s murder and the burning of the school where she teaches. Suspected of both by the police and threatened by the actual murderer, she flees for her life posing as a teacher, Flora Reese.

Joseph Solomon knows Zaidee is running from something other than the authorities. His instinct tells him she is innocent. Therefore, to help her and gain her trust, he offers her escort and a job.

Zaidee is double-minded whether to trust this man or to run further to save him and his family from harm, with their mutual attraction being no help. Joseph cannot get this gorgeous redhead out of his mind. Unable to bear the thought of losing her, he concocts a plan to draw out her enemies and at the same time try to convince her to trust him and start a new life in his arms.

What I felt after reading this book… Disappointed! Since I usually expect to become involved in a story and with the characters, my expectations are high. It felt as if the author had a lot to say but either had a limit to word count or not enough time to be able to express herself. The story is there, but the characters feel just beyond reach. While I can read about them, I could not feel for or with them. In addition, there are some facets of the story I feel could have been left out: the sudden entrance of new characters from time to time, the fast-paced storyline, and everything taking place a little too conveniently; it left me feeling as if something is missing. It is a nice read if you want to pass the time as long as you do not expect too much.

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