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The Christies, Book One
ISBN: 9781451616385
October 2011
Pocket Books, a division of Simon & Schuster, Inc.
$7.99-USA/ $9.99-CAN
400 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Lady Vivienne Bancroft has a secret she has kept from her estranged husband. Sir William Christie may be her father, but she was raised as a bastard until he adopted her when her mother died.

Miles Warren Durham, 9th Viscount Bancroft, has still not completely figured his wife out. When her deceased father makes her an ultimatum to receive her inheritance, Miles jumps at the chance to finally exact revenge on the way she mangled his heart.

Vivienne is shocked when Miles not only shows up in Africa, but he also got there before she did. As days turn into weeks, she gets to see a side of Miles she thought she would never see; that of a respectable man without a poker table close by and a drink in hand. Miles knows his first agenda was revenge against his lovely wife but now he is having second thoughts. As their time continues to draw nearer to the end of the ultimatum, Vivienne and Miles will have to figure out if they want to continue a relationship that has finally turned into a real marriage or go their separate ways.

Flawless is a good book. The passion and chemistry between Miles and Vivienne is very potent from the get go. I like how they have a history that is torrid, explosive, and hit a disastrous obstacle as it gives this plot some great scenarios. However, I did find that some of the issues that they had in their marriage were not really explained until near the end of the book and it left me slightly lost at times since it is mentioned throughout all of the pages. When it comes to writing historical romance with sizzle, Ms. Lofty knows how to keep you reading.

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