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Tabor Heights series

Book 1: Second Time Around - June 2009
Book 2: Common Ground - September 2009
Book 3: Seasons: A Tabor Heights Anthology - November 2009
Book 4: The Family Way - February 2010
Short Story: Homespun (free download)
Book 5: A Quiet Place - May 2010
Book 6: Detours - August 2010
Book 7: Behind the Scenes - November 2010
Short Story: Silver Hearts (free download)
Book 8: Firesong - February 2011
Book 9: Forgiven - May 2011


Tabor Heights, OH series
IBSN# 9781612520155
February 2011
Desert Breeze Publishing Inc.
153 Pages
Inspirational Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Danielle Paul closed herself off to everyone but her closest friends, her family and God at the age of eleven when her parents died. She devotes her life to helping others find God through the music she loves.

Kurt Green left Tabor Heights a long time ago to follow his family’s ministerial calling; now his job has brought him back. The remaining friends and memories of times past are forcing him to realize that he might have missed a lot, especially when it comes to Dani.

Dani threw herself into her brother and cousin’s fledgling band and ministry after her parents were killed in an airplane accident. Now, years later, Firesong is on the brink of success. In Dani, Kurt see the person he wants to spend his life and work with, but she has so many barriers around her heart that he may just have to let her go.

Firesong is one jam-packed emotional ride. Dani is a strong, devoted character who hides from the world and herself, leaving her music and faith as her only outlet. The extremes she goes through to protect herself are extraordinary, realistic and extremely irritating to read. To see someone so closed off that they are letting life pass them by, made me want to shout at her as if she were a real person. But, this made Kurt’s character all the more lovable. He sees everything there is to see about Dani, forces her to see herself, to become a better person and find a true path to God. This story has such an emotional ending I was forced to put it down more than once to stop my tears. Michelle Levigne’s characters are realistic, love-able and really drag you into the story. Wonderful.

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