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ISBN#: 9780061935084
September 7, 2010
HarperTeen, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers
336 pages
Young Adult/12 and up
Rating: 4 cups

Descended from the dragons that used to rule the skies, Jacinda is a rebellious girl. She is precious to her pride since she is the first fire-breathing draki in hundreds of years. Her rebelliousness, however, has gotten her into a predicament with the pride.

Will Rutledge comes from a family of hunters. What do they hunt? Why, draki, of course. He is a loner except when he is with his cousins, but he is tired of hunting. Especially since meeting a beautiful fiery draki while on a hunt.

Jacinda is out for a forbidden morning flight with her friend, Azure, a water draki, when the hunters descend upon them. Jacinda hides in a cave, but is found by the hunters’ tracker, Will. Amazed by the beauty of Jacinda in her draki form, Will leads the hunters away from her, but Jacinda has placed the pride in a bad position. Severin, leader of the pride, wants to clip her wings and use her to mate with his son. Jacinda’s mother refuses to do that to her daughter, choosing instead to steal away in the night to the desert in hopes of killing Jacinda’s draki form. What no one expected was for Will Rutledge to set his sights on Jacinda. The hunter and the prey? Will love blossom or die on the vine?

There are so many elements which make up this story and all of them are good. So much imagination and creativity ripple across the pages and spring to life before your eyes. Sophie Jordan has brought the world of the draki to the modern day with such a fantastic flair. The thing I disliked about this book? It ended. This is the start to a series from what I understand, and you can bet this reviewer will be waiting anxiously for the next book.

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