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Elemental Demons Series:

Book 1: Fire Demon
Book 2: Air Demon

ISBN#: 1-60601-881-7
July 2010
Siren Publishing
129 Pages
Erotic Romance, Alternative (M/M or F/F), Paranormal
Rating: 5 Cups

Gabe is a cop who is determined to bring down the bad guys. None of the relationships he has been in have amounted to much, and he has never had deep feelings for any of the men he has been involved with.

Tehmper is a fire demon who chases down and brings to justice Shayatin; evil demons who go on rampages in the human world. He knows there is a Demonas Amaté or demon mate out there for him, but he is stunned when his mate turns out to be a human.

Gabe and his buddy and fellow cop, Nick, are just on a routine investigation when they spot Bobby G, the man they are following, trying to sneak out of a back alley. Gabe goes one way and Nick goes the other with Gabe coming on a sight that has him reeling. A very large man with red eyes attacks him, and it takes everything Gabe has to bring the man down. Unfortunately, it is too late for Bobby G. Into the midst of this comes Tehmper and his fellow demons, and it does not take long for Tehmper to realize that Gabe is his demon mate. There is only one problem, Gabe is human and in all demon history there has never been a demon mate who was human. Rather than take Gabe to his home Jinnistan below the earth, he instead marks him and gives him his necklace as further proof to other demons that he is now taken. Upon returning to Jinnistan he approaches the Amir, the ruler for his land to gain permission to bring Gabe to Jinnistan. However, the Amir has other ideas for Gabe rather than allowing him to mate with Tehmper. Will Tehmper and Gabe be able to defeat the evil ruler or will one of them lose their life?

This book was a little different from Ms. Glenn’s other books in that instead of werewolves one half of the couple is a demon. I wondered how she was going to pull off this particular storyline, and I am excited to say she did so with flying colors! I am not usually a fan of stories where demons are the good guys, but this book far outweighed my expectations for it. I absolutely loved it! Tehmper and Gabe are the perfect couple, and I loved the fact that Tehmper was the first person who actually really touched Gabe’s emotions. Of course Tehmper being a good guy did not hurt the storyline either. The world building in this story is fantastic, and the book has a feeling of, “this is the truth behind the fairytale,” which in my opinion really made it a stellar read. Of course the sex is singe worthy as usual, but the emotions mixed in make this a particularly extraordinary read. Whether you are a Stormy Glenn fan or not, you simply do not want to miss out on this book!

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