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Endangered Fae Series
Book 1: Finn

Endangered Fae, Book 1
ISBN: 9781608209330
May 1, 2014
MLR Press, LLC
227 Pages
Paranormal, Shifter, Fantasy
Rating: 4 Cups

Helping those in need is second nature for Diego, even though it has gotten him into trouble more than once. So when he sees a man that looks ready to end his life on a bridge, Diego does not think, he just acts.

The city, with its poison air and acres of concrete and steel, is slowly but surely killing Finn. No matter how hard he tries to get out, his strength fails him as he becomes more and more sick.

Finn is unlike anyone Diego has ever met, which becomes more apparent the longer they are together. Once he wraps his head around the fact that Finn is not human, Diego quickly understands that he needs to get Finn out of the city if he is to survive. Their trek to the wilds of Canada may be the answer to Finn’s problems, but it is also the beginning of something even more dangerous. Diego has lived his whole life with this feeling of ineptitude; now it is up to him to dig deep within his soul and unleash the man barricaded within.

A great partnership is built between the characters within this story. Where one is weak, the other is strong, often switching with Finn caring for Diego as much as Diego takes care of Finn. Their affection for each other feels natural in its progression, even with Finn’s overeager personality. I love that his character’s lightheartedness balances out Diego’s more serious nature, even when his good intentions often lead to unfortunate results.

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