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ISBN# (10) 1770650644/ (13) 978-1770650640 
April 2010 
Eternal Press 
E Book/ Paperback 
$6.95/ $16.00 
209 pages 
Paranormal Romance 
Rating:  4 Cups

Cursed by the queen of genies and sold to a two-timing man, Cala is not a happy genie. She is single for the first time in five years and if she does not find a master, fast, she will never get her full jinn power back. When she meets the Greek god in the bar and goes home with him for a one night stand, she is sure the two of them will heat up the sheets. However, the pepper spray incident heats things up a bit more than she planned.

Lee had planned to find the woman whose name he never got, but who had given him an amazing night of passion before things went awry. He did not plan on running into her in his private bathroom at work in yet another harrowing disaster. Something Lee lacks is trust due to a previous relationship ended by internet dating. How will he react when he finds out that Cala is writing a column about just that, as a myster-e dater?

Together they are fire, and apart Cala is a mess, but will they get past their issues and find a love worth saving? Or will Cala find love from one of her mystery edates? Unfortunately, Cala has to find love and find it fast or she will be destroyed by the queen of the jinn while Finding Her Perfect Master.

A fun story riddled with misadventure after misadventure, Cala is a wisecracking modern genie who is easy to relate to. Lee is torn between rescuing her and washing his hands of the whole mess, but at the same time drawn to her with a need he cannot explain. As hot as a genie’s blood, this book was a wild ride from start to finish, while being hilarious from page one.

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