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ISBN# 9781933293844/ 9781933293851
July 2009
Raw Dog Screaming Press
Trade Paperback
191 pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Jonathan Thomas, John, has never been the type to be alone. In his life, he has slept with ten women. After each relationship ended, he moved on with his life. Now settled down with Rosie, he sometimes feels like their marriage is indentured.

Rosie has eccentric intellect that often brings unlucky charms into her life with John. She is not afraid to speak her mind about anything in their marriage.

John and Rosie have their ups and downs especially with her strange way of loving him. Rosie believes he is up to something, especially after getting a threatening letter from one of his old girlfriends, which makes him want to take a journey. He decides to take a trip to San Diego, visit Mary Whitcomb, and see what the meaning of the letter is. This does not sit well with Rosie. John is soon on a pathway that takes him to all his past girlfriends, to see who actually wrote the letter. As the journey progresses, he wonders if he should have torn up the letter but he needed answers. Will it leave John a better man or totally confused?

Finale is a compelling tale that not only sends John packing for a road trip but the author, too. One cannot help but be spun into the adventure with each woman that has entered John’s life. Each individual has a different trait that stands out and leaves an impression of some kind. With some dark sides prevailing along the way, I wondered how John continued to put up with such things. Then I have to say there were some moments, with Rosie, that had my head shaking. Paul A. Toth pens a read that is not only filled with honesty but at times can rotate into being somewhat sardonic.

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