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Chances Series

Book 1: Last Chance
Book 2: Fighting Chance

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Book Two in the Chances Series
ISBN#: 9781611184280
June 2011
Loose Id
199 Pages
LGBT; Vampire Paranormal
Rating: 3 Cups

Corbin Hamilton has been raised to loathe vampires. As a Kresnik vampire slayer, it is his duty to kill them, not…GULP…babysit one of them!

Johan Maier cannot believe his luck when he starts taking a serum that will allow him to go from being a vampire to a human. Now if he could get the sexy vampire slayer to see him as more than a monster that he has to watch, then his life would be more complete.

As Corbin watches Johan’s slowly progressive transformation, it brings about more questions than answers. If he is supposed to be turning into a human, why have his vampire powers not been destroyed? Why is it that Corbin wants to both hurt Johan, and seduce him at the same time? And what will happen if the Kresnik council gets wind of his desire for the vampire? It seems they will soon find out!

The emotional uphill battle that Johan fights to gain Corbin’s trust is beautifully depicted. I do feel that many parts of Fighting Chance have scenes that involve a back story that can only be explained if the first book in the series has been read. I love how Corbin fights his desire for Johan even as he continues on the path of what he considers his destiny which most definitely does not include a relationship with a vampire. Ms. Lyn knows how to incorporate lust, danger, adventure, and a world unknown to me before this, to make a tale that comes alive before your very eyes.

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