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ISBN: 9780758238146
June 2011
Aphrodisia, an imprint of Kensington Publishing Corp.
$14.00-USA/ $16.95-CAN
304 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Fight Fire with Fire

Mary Hamilton’s fascination with one of her best friends started when she was quite young. But his job as a fire-fighter has Mary fearing her feelings due to the dangers Nate faces every day.

Nate Armstrong is crushed when one of his best friends dies in a fire. Mary is there to help him pick up the pieces.

Mary has stood by long enough waiting for Nate to recognize her possibilities and she decides to take action. When the two friends become lovers, they start a heat wave all their own that causes their own bodies to go up in flames. Then a secondary fire is started and Mary gets clues that have her realizing these were no accidents. Whoever is setting the fires is out to destroy Nate and claim Mary as his own.

Ms. O’Clare gives us a tale that has some very steamy scenes. But there was not a lot of plot involved within the pages, which made this tale seem more about sex and less about the love that Mary and Nate feel for each other. I did like how Mary and Nate have a history. The plot did have some solid moments which allowed me to see the how much potential this writer has.

Heat Wave

Summer Wadsworth cannot believe her luck. Not only did her house burn down, but it happened while she was wearing a green facial mask.

When Thorne Paxton spots the fire victim he is trying to save, it quickly becomes evident that she is an interesting character. But when he spots her out of her facial, he finds himself insanely attracted to the woman.

Summer is floored when Thorne tells her she can stay in one of the old lodging cabins he has inherited. But things have a way of getting complicated when Summer and Thorne are involved. With the help of some nosey but “helpful” neighbors, these two might just get what they want from each other. That is if disasters will stop befalling them every time they turn around.

P.J. Mellor knows how to include some racy yet funny sex scenes in her stories. I found the whole facial mask incident hilarious, especially when Summer realizes the affect the heat from the fire has on the green goop. I also found the three elderly neighbors to be a hoot especially the bucket list incident. This is a sexy number that will definitely keep you company on those long winter nights.

Smoldering Lust

Hannah Hayward knows that when it comes to Lee Evans, her judgment is off. She finds the bad boy to be exactly what her hormones need, even if it is not what her image needs.

Lee Evans has wanted Hannah for a long time. But he knows with his reputation, he needs to stay far away.

Lee knows the fire department needs a massive overhaul but the budget is extremely tight. Going to the Mayor’s office, he is shocked when he finds out that it is Hannah herself who has to look over the budget and figure out what his building will get and what it will not. As if that is not complicated enough, the sexual attraction that is finally relieved between them must stay a secret or it could mean he will not get what he needs for the fire station. Can Lee and Hannah figure out how to be together without jeopardizing the safety of all of the firemen?

I really enjoyed Ms. Parks' tale. I thought the way Hannah is affected by Lee was shown strongly in the pages. I did think the way Hannah kept thinking of how Lee’s reputation would taint her image was immature of her. Then as their tension mounted, I got to see Hannah as she struggled with the image versus love as she tried to figure out how to have her own happy ending. The development of the plot was smooth and the different complications these characters faced added to this sensual tale.

Feel the Heat is a mix of firemen, strong women, and zesty sex. While each story is not linked directly to the other, I thought the way each dealt with an image crisis connected them. Ms. O’Clare had Mary struggling with Nate’s image of their friendship while Ms. Mellor’s was the image Summer had of how great sex would be. To top it off, Ms. Parks’ image of her two characters was all about reputation and how it affects those around you. These talented authors came together with a novel that will have you spiking a fever and wishing you could call your own fireman to rescue you.

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