Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 978-0-373-79496-6
September 2009
Harlequin Blaze
224 pages
Contemporary Series Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Zoe Gaston has been emotionally blackmailed by her sister-in-law to attend a high school reunion with the aim of finding the mysterious and very talented games programmer, Gandalf. The only up-side that she can see is the chance meet up with her once best friend, Dex, and prove to everyone she is not the failure or perpetual virgin they predicted her to be.

Dexter Drake has agreed to look after his parent’s hotel for the week of the reunion in the hope of acting on his long time crush. Zoe never knew how he felt and now she seems only interested in finding Gandalf until she meets him masked at the fancy dress party. Should he tell her he is Gandalf? Or even that he is the masked man? Or maybe just keep playing along until she loves him enough to forgive his games.

Zoe soon realizes that the reunion is not as bad as she expected. Some of the people are even nice. In her efforts to find the programming guru, she discovers her friendship with Dex is still just as strong, and oh boy is he hot. She just does not know if she should risk taking it further, especially when the masked mystery man has her dreaming of steamy encounters you just don’t share with your best buddy.

Both Zoe and Dexter have problems with trusting people. While Zoe is learning to allow people to see the real Zoe, Dexter is looking for the motive behind everything she does. He risks everything playing games when honesty would have worked just as well. Ms Weber has again given us an action packed emotional rollercoaster of a ride to finding true love.

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