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ISBN# 9781419927850
April 2010
Ellora’s Cave Publishing
148 Pages
Rating 5 cups

Darla is a leopard and a woman all wrapped into one spunky blonde package. For the past year, she has ran on the mountain with the owl circling above her protectively. Knowing that they are of different natures has not stopped her building need for him. And she has decided that no matter how he holds his feelings in, one thing is clear -- he wants her as much as she wants him, and she will have him.

Rock Halk is a leader amongst the proud owl people. He has lived his life controlling his every emotion and respecting that in others. Although he should be appalled by Darla’s roiling emotions, he is instead driven to posses her wild feline nature and make her his own.

Politics and a driving need for each other’s touch is not all that these two star-crossed lovers share. They also share a group of jaguars that threatens both of their homes and families. Will their link be strong enough to bridge the differences between their kinds so that they can unite against a common evil?

An erotic tale woven with intrigue and paranormal elements that make you truly want these two to work through their differences and fall into a love that crosses species. With blinding passion and a desperate need that knows no boundaries, this story is a wonderful summer read that I will be sure to reread sometime soon.

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