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Royal Pride Series

Book 1 Unexpected Find
Book 2: Beautiful Mistake
Book 3: Favorite Obsession

Royal Pride Book 3
ISNB# 9781419991646
April 25, 2014
Ellora's Cave Publishing
237 pages
Paranormal Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

At Mira's birth, the Goddess spoke to her father of her role in the future of the race. A blessing or a curse? Now hundreds of years later people are still trying to control the prophecy, and the gods must really hate her because she thinks her mate is human.

Josh has been hooked on Mira since day one, but being a human pet to a royal feline shifter still makes you human. Drinking so much shifter blood, a strange near death visit, and even stranger visiting, soon add up to some really cat-like traits. Even if a human can never be a cat.

Mira has never had a simple life and finding a mate is no different, but if the only way to keep Josh alive is to give him up, can she do that? Not if Josh has anything to say about it. He has seen a family disappear before his very eyes once before and is willing to fight anyone, including Mira, to make sure they spend the rest of their lives together.

The third book in the Royal Pride series adds to the layers of corruption within the hidden shifter world and opens a whole new area of triple shifter magic. Nancy Corrigan's Royal Shifters are sexy, exciting, loyal to a fault and so cute, they would eat you for even thinking it.

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