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ISBN# 9780986906459
April 2011
Self Published
124 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Gabrielle was also known as Gabri Hell. She is the daughter of a famous and wealthy director and a former action star herself. More recently, she has been living a quieter life and learning photography.

Seth is a Captain in the Canadian Armed Forces and involved in Special Ops. He is a loner when not on assignment and currently recuperating from his last mission in his mountain cabin.

When Seth saves the beautiful and famous Gabrielle Sherborne from certain death when the brakes on her car failed, he never dreamed that she would be his next assignment. Someone wants Gabrielle dead, and her very powerful father pulled all of the strings at his command to keep her safe. Gabrielle does not really believe in herself or that anyone would love her for herself. She has strong feelings for Seth, but does not trust that he loves her more than the money her father offered.

This is an exciting story with some interesting dynamics. Gabrielle does not mesh well with her family, particularly her sisters. Her father obviously cares for her, but has a hard time showing it. The family dysfunction is a big part of the story. Seth is from a completely different world than Gabrielle and always puts his career first, ending most of his relationships, but she is made of stronger stuff than the women he is used to. The other characters are almost as vividly drawn as Seth and Gabrielle, and the dialogue and the way the author captures the Sherborne family dynamics are a big part of the story. The plot of this story flows seamlessly from one crisis to another leading up to a powerful climax. This is one of the best romantic suspense novels I have read this year.

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