Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 978-0-06-134814-3
April 2010
415 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

When her godfather Jack moved in across the street, Goldy Schulz was thrilled. She loves him like a father, and despite his son Lucas’s jealousy of their bond, Goldy has no intention of keeping her distance from Jack.

Ever supportive of his wife, Tom Schulz will do everything in his power to keep Goldy safe and happy. It is just a much more difficult endeavor when she gets it into that stubborn head of hers to start solving crimes.

Catering weddings is an absolute nightmare when you have the Bride from Hell changing her mind every five minutes, but for Goldy this event is about to go from bad to worse. Jack is involved with the bride’s mother, his best friend, Finn, has just been killed, and there is something fishy going on at the spa where the wedding is to be held. Goldy knows that Jack is hiding something, and she is devastated when Jack loses his life trying to find out what happened to Finn. She absolutely cannot just sit back and cry when there is a killer on the loose, and she feels it is her duty to find out who that person is, and why they would target two wonderful old men, even if that puts her next on the hit list.

Fatally Flaky is the perfect moniker for the ever intrepid caterer Goldy Schulz. I have read many of her escapades over the years, and she has not changed one bit. She is still as sharp tongued, emotionally charged, and completely oblivious to danger as ever, especially in light of her husband’s position in law enforcement. He must be a virtual saint to put up with her antics, as she trounces through crime scenes and withholds key evidence. It must be all those calories, carbs, and caffeine that keeps everyone around her happy and sated.

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