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ISBN#: 9780007300419
1753/ 1985/ 2005/ 2007/ 2008/ February 2010
Harper Perennial, an imprint of HarperCollins UK
284 Pages
Erotic Fiction; Perennial Forbidden Classics Series
Rating: 3 Cups

Frances Hill lived near Liverpool with her parents until she was fifteen years old. When her parents died of smallpox, she moved to London with some help from a friend.

Mrs. Jones became Fanny Hill and her lover Charles’ landlord. After he was sent away on a ship, Mrs. Jones had an idea of how to turn the young girl into a profit.

What follows is an adventure unlike anything Fanny Hill has experienced before. Turned into a prostitute, she uses her feminine wiles to survive, even as her young heart cries out for her Charles. When the lovers meet up again, will both open their arms and their hearts to the love they once felt for each other?

Fanny Hill is a look into the past through the eyes of a young woman during an era when sex was considered taboo. I had a really hard time getting into this book for a few reasons. One of the main reasons is because there seems to be a language barrier from how the author perceives the story and his accounting of it. The biggest draw for me is the fact that I have held a classic in my hands, one that was measured so erotic it was considered a corrupted piece of literature by the courts during the eighteenth century.

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