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Birds of Prey
Book 1: Saved by the Hawk
Book 2: Running After David
Book 3: Warming Up Sebastian
Book 4: Fallon’s Raven

Birds of Prey, Book 4
ISBN#: 9781771119467
May 2014
Extasy Books
111 Pages
Erotic Romance Gay GLBT Paranormal Shapeshifter
Rating: 5 Cups

Fallon is a god and the son of Hades and Persephone. Being a god has it privileges and so when he sees the Bird of Prey Raven, he wants him, and decides that he is going to have him, no matter what.

Raven is a Bird of Prey, one of the chosen of the warrior goddess Athena. He is fighting a war with his brothers in arms and Athena to stop the blood demons. He knows that he has a predestined mate out there somewhere and is just biding his time waiting to meet him.

When Fallon sees Raven for the first time he knows he wants him. He does not give a damn that he is not Raven’s predestined mate, he is a god and gods get what they want no matter what. Or so he thinks. Fallon finds that Raven has no intention of making it easy it for him, nor does he really have any intention of getting involved with the god who is smitten with him. He wants his mate, not some god who may not see him as an equal in a relationship. But Fallon is persistent and persuasive and Raven in a moment of weakness allows the Fallon to take him to the underworld. What he does not know is that Fallon has no intention of allowing him to leave, but other powers have other ideas. Will Fallon be able to convince Raven to give up on his destined mate and be lover of a god?

This is the first book I have read in the Birds of Prey series, but I readily admit I am hooked and I’ll be buying the other books! The world building is interesting and keeps your attention and the love scenes are mega nova hot! I really loved how the authors use the idea of predestined mates and turn it on its ear. In most books that talk about mates, there is only the mate who is born for you and that is it, but this book tries something different and shows that just maybe a predestined mate may not be the only option. If you like something different but fun to read then I highly recommend Fallon’s Raven!

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