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ISBN#: 9781450278256/9781450278249/9781450278263
January 2011
Hardcover, Paperback, eBook
184 Pages
Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Seduced by the Blues

Ella Jamieson is a 38 year old single radio promoter who knows what she wants and what she thought she needed. A younger man will show her the truth.

John is a man in the prime of his life who is lucky enough to do what he loves. How can he resist a sexy woman who asks him if he is in a nightclub looking for sex?

John is more man than Ella expected for a one-night stand, so she runs while his back is turned. After a small taste, John is unwilling to give up on the sexy and very forward woman who is strong enough to tell him what she wants.

Seduced by the Blues is absolutely the best opening to the series. The characters were real and created to ensure the reader could step into their shoes. The amazing writing style of Eden Baylee is showcased to the extreme with this open salvo.

Act Three

Stella has extracted herself from a bland marriage with no fireworks in the bedroom. Tired of missionary, she discovers she has a taste for kink her ex-husband was unwilling to indulge.

Norman is a man in his prime who knows exactly what he wants and makes no bones about it. He auditions his bed partners and casts them in the role until he tires of them, then he closes the venture and begins anew.

Stella knows which of John’s trigger to pull to get what she wants. What she truly desires is a threesome, and John reluctantly agrees to try it only once…

Act Three is a little edgier in content but it keeps the reader on their toes. I was constantly surprised by the storyline and therefore was able to appreciate the full range of emotions for each character.

The Norwegian

Leah Jones is a successful writer, with writers block, spending a couple of months at Cedar Valley with the wonderful discount she received on her luxury cottage. She certainly never thought she would meet a man who would bring a flash from her past of the only man she has ever loved.

Henrik Kristiansen is an Olympian and now the current biathlon trainer for the Canada’s top biathletes. Realizing there are only two guests staying at the Inn, he introduces himself to the most intriguing woman.

This Christmas both Leah and Henrik will be visited by ghosts from their past. They will discover it is only together they have a chance to vanquish their memories and find a future together.

The Norwegian is a truly emotional exploration of the art of healing the soul. Both characters were artfully created to show two sides of death and how those left behind deal with the grief the same.

The Austrian and the Asian

Elena is a beautiful Asian woman who was born and raised in Canada. While on a trip to Thailand, she learns what it means to be Asian and she meets a group of Austrians who became fast friends.

Stephan was determined, despite their language differences, to show Elena how very lovely he thought she was. He is thrilled when she visits him in his own country and soon they are both learning to communicate.

Distance and life proves to be more than their fragile relationship could endure and time passes. After a decade, she returns to Austria not to intrude but in an attempt to purge. Will she succeed or will the past creep up once again?

The Austrian and the Asian was a wonderful story of two cultures coming together and the love that grows. There is the kind of love that can bring unimaginable pain if ignored and immense joy when nourished and allowed to grow.

Each story in this anthology is meant to serve a different purpose. One was unexpected passion followed by extreme kink, then unvarnished emotions and finally unfailing love that refuses to die. Together the stories are a well-orchestrated symphony of emotions inspired by each character and their unique lives. Eden Baylee is an amazing writer with amazing depth of character and emotion in every word. I highly recommend Fall into Winter for all readers with the warning that you will become enthralled with the amazing talent.

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