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ISBN # 1440473986
May 6, 2009
$ 20.00
518 Pages
Fiction, Contemporary
Rating: 2 Cups

Tara has come back to the States to promote her musical family, hoping they will be just as successful here as in the UK. She, however, has to face the ghosts of the past when she runs into a love she has never forgotten. How could she when he was the father of her septuplets? But does she still love him? How will he react to the news he is the father of her children?

Jimmy left school as a teenager, and not of his own free will. When he returns to Tara he finds she has fled and he is left with a broken heart; a heart that will never forget her. And when he sees that she is in town, he does everything to get to see her. He needs this woman in his life.

Both having led such crazy lives and made many mistakes, Tara and Jimmy try their hand at a reunion but as always things stand in the way. Is this love going to get a second chance or did this ember burn out long ago?

I hate to say I was very disappointed in this book. The blurb sounded exciting but finding the characters with continuous jealousy and a heroine who feels a “connection” with other men besides the one she wants to be with is confusing to the reader. I would suggest to the reader to read the first book in this series. Although it was not to my liking, another reader might hail it as wonderful. It will be best to utilize your own judgment on this one.

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