Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN#: 9781936394166
March 4, 2011
Decadent Publishing
175 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

It takes almost more than Ashley Kensington has left to get out of bed each morning, and face yet another day of nothing but work, school, and agonizing depression. Her stepfather’s death four years ago plunged her into an abyss so dark and deep she wants only to end the pain.

The seething anger that Prince Edward Alcuin of Evendown feels for his father and stepmother has not abated in the five years since his incarceration. To the outside world he is missing and probably presumed dead, but instead he has been literally under their noses the entire time.

The finality of spreading the ashes of her beloved stepfather is the last straw for Ash, and she just bolts with no thought or concern of where she is going; only knowing she never wants to come back. The forest into which she runs is as foreign as another world, and what she finds there reinforces that feeling. Will Everett, a magician of Fallenwood, takes Ash under his wing, and with his guidance, she will learn who and what she is meant to be, but it will be a process more painful than anything she has ever faced. As part of this process, she will meet a man meant for another, a world on the verge of war, and a legacy she never has imagined could be hers.

All fairy tales have a villain, but what happens when the darkness in your soul is far more dangerous than any boogey man? This is the struggle that Ash faces each and every day, and while her depression and insecurities are ever present, she tries valiantly to make her very existence mean something. It is just sad that she never seems to realize that it is her caring and giving soul that makes her far stronger and more deserving of love than any amount of muscle. I am hoping there are many more adventures to come for Ash, Edward, and Will in Fallenwood, and I am sure every one will be well worth the read.

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